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Guitarist Andrea Vettoretti has liberated the classical guitar. This instrument, too often linked to the Spanish or purely classical tradition, has been refashioned by Vettoretti into a new form. One does not only listen to a musician of great talent and instrumental elegance, but the audience also becomes captivated by the originality of his music that merges into a unique style. Harmonies that resemble the sophistication of another famous Italian composer: Ludovico Einaudi, but with the magic of Seicorde. The charm of his original style is the fusion of a sound both enchanting and warm, a sound that one cannot miss.

A polished musician who expresses himself with a language both cultured and emotional, connecting classical music with many other genres.

As Andrea Vettoretti says:

“I like to experiment, searching for new paths that lead to a synthesis, even if the journey is long.

I am passionate about the depth and complexity of classical music and I love the simplicity of other genres and the power they can communicate.”

Vettoretti obtained his music diploma with full marks from the “G. Rossini” Conservatory of Fermo and then continued his studies at the prestigious “Ecole Normale de Music” in Paris under the guidance of Alberto Ponce, where after only two years he gained the “Diplome Supérieur de Execution” and the “Diplome Supérieur de Concertiste”.

He has won 13 international music competitions. Concerts by Vettoretti are accompanied by choreographed light and effects which follow the music, interpreting it in a poetic, passionate and elegant way. He has played many concerts and international tours, from the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, to the Salle Cortot in Paris, stopping in metropolitan cities, among them Rome, Berlin, Dublin, Valencia, Mexico City, Miami and Sydney.

He has recorded 10 CDs for various recording companies. Vettoretti’s music can be heard on iTunesSpotify and YouTube.

His CD RAIN, published by CNI Unite in 2015, represents a bridge between the depth of the classic style and the new music of Andrea Vettoretti.

The new single ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is available on iTunes and all digital channels and is the precursor to the album ‘Wonderland’ which came out in 2017. The album, with original interpretation is inspired by the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland.

His music has been used by the director Davide Del Degan (selected for the Cannes Festival in 2016) in his short films and in the official video Sensations, winner of the Akademia Music Award 2016.

Andrea Vettoretti is sponsor and ambassador of a musical education program for children from the Santa Eulalia Valley in Peru, known as Musicare.

Andrea Vettoretti binds the RAIN project to the Water Civilisation International Center (Centro Internazionale Civiltà dell’Acqua) Onlus. The center works to build sensibility in our territory to “Water Culture”, and generally a renewed sensibility for the environment and nature.

He is the Art Director of the prestigious International Guitar Festival “Delle Due Città” Treviso – Rome.

He is playng Savarez Alliance Cantiga strings on a Matthias Dammann Guitar and a Enzo Guido Guitar.

Follow Andrea Vettoretti on the official website or on the Facebook Official page.

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